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Muskwa-Kechika Wilderness of British Colombia

The Power of Nature and What Comes From a Quest

After taking a break from new material last month in Perceptive Travel and doing a Dark Tourism issue, we’re back to our usual monthly online magazine schedule. This time we have four new narrative travel stories from wandering book authors and
Petra in Jordan

Where People Are Traveling in the Middle East and North Africa

What do you think about traveling to the Middle East and North Africa? Before you jump to the immediate reaction of, “It’s not safe to travel there,” consider this. The U.S. city of Chicago had 650 murders on its streets in
Daytona travel story

Beduoins in Jordan, Animists in China, and Artists in a Racing Town

It’s a new month and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, this time bringing you stories from Asia, the Middle East, and Florida. Our returning book authors this month travel by plane to two foreign lands and, in my

A Personal Italian Olive Tree, Crossing the Jordan River, and Vegas for the 99 Percent

It’s time for the new issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors. This month we’ve got another eclectic batch from multiple continents, plus some reviews of travel books and world music. Jillian Dickens makes