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7 Ways to Offset Your Round-the-World Travel Expenses

Many people that dream of quitting their job and traveling the world have already figured out that their monthly long-term travel expenses will be less than what they’re spending now just for the daily grind at home. Going to The World’s

Fighting Monks, Personal Landmarks, and Azerbaijani Tea

Had your fill yet of insipid travel articles headlined “Top-10,” “Best,” and “Worst”? Then go get some nourishing stories from Perceptive Travel, home to well-written narratives from book authors on the move. The new issue just went up and, as usual,

Making a Living in Southeast Asia as an Expat

Few backpackers travel through Southeast Asia without thinking at least once, “Wouldn’t it be nice to just live here for a while?” If you’re coming from a cold and drab part of the world that’s moving too fast, it certainly does

Cheaper Smiles in Vacation Destinations

A few years ago my mother got an estimate from her dentist on all the work she needed to have done on her teeth. Implants, crowns, a bridge, and more were going to add up to $80,000. “Screw that,” I told