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Four Ways to Find Cheaper Hotel Deals

I’m all for renting an apartment when I’ll be in one place for a while, but there are many times you’re just passing through and a hotel room is the best choice. Or when you want a beach break. If you’re
Expedia gobbling up rivals

The Illusion of Choice When You Book Travel in Advance

When you set out on a trip around the world in 2015, it’s 10 times easier than it was to set out on one in 1995. (See 21 things travelers couldn’t do 21 years ago.) You have access to reams of
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21 Things Travelers Couldn’t Do 21 Years Ago

Around 21 years ago, I got on a flight that would change my life. I was on a plane to Japan and would then proceed through Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Greece, Turkey, and a bit of Europe. My then-girlfriend was with

Your Comprehensive Guide to Cheap Lodging

Last post I talked about why I still recommend Hotwire and Priceline a lot. But of course they’re not the only places to get a cheap hotel deal. Also, their reach is limited the further you get from the U.S. So

Your Rate is Negotiable

It’s important to remember one key point when you are traveling: hotel/hostel/guesthouse rates are negotiable. Most backpackers figure this out in a few days and some go overboard using it as their guiding mantra for the next year on the road.