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Images and Memories From a Temporary Mexpat (So Far)

I’ve seen some amazing things in my two decades of heavy travel, but when you live like a local you get to a whole new level altogether. At this point I’ve been a temporary resident of Guanajuato, Mexico for more than

In a Cheap Country, It’s Easier to Be Romantic

I may not be known as a guy who’s muey romantico cada dia, but it’s sure a lot easier to turn on the charm when the cash register is not ringing so hard. Here’s how the darling wife is making out

Week in the Life of an Expat Writer

Now and then I do a post on here about what it’s been like living in Mexico since then end of June. Like this one: Living the Mexpat Life. But over at the Professional Hobo Blog, Nora Dunn has a regular

Expat Center vs. Immersion Center

I just spent the weekend in San Miguel Allende, perhaps the most popular place for expatriates in all of Mexico, but definitely the most popular non-beach location. There are somewhere between 7,000 and 15,000 gringos—most in post-retirement age—who live here at

Happy Birthday Mexico!

Officially, Mexico’s Independence Day is tomorrow the 16th, but the party starts tonight. That’s because in the evening of September 15th, exactly two centuries ago, the fight for independence from Spain began. Like most good legends, this one is simpler than