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Come Eat Some Street Food in Guanajuato

Want to get a tour of Guanajuato with me and chow down on some good Mexican Street Food? Follow that link and sign up if you’re heading my way. The problem with having a job that you can do from anywhere
living in Guanajuato Mexico

My Life in Guanajuato (& What It Costs Me)

Editor’s note: This post on the cost of living in Guanajuato has 2014 in the URL, but was updated in August 0f 2019, when the peso was around 19 to the dollar. I have left some of the comments that are
salt church near Bogota

16 Places I Went This Year (and a New Home in Mexico)

A lot of travel bloggers really don’t need to ever do a year-end summary because they’ve already told you about everything they ate for lunch in each destination and every monument they snapped a photo of. I try to be more
Dia de los Muertos

Another Fine Day of the Dead in Mexico

Halloween bleeds into Day of the Dead in Mexico, making for days of ghoulish fun. Preparations start weeks before, then at the end of October, the kids dress up like something scary, with full-on face painting, and go trick-or-treating from store
Mexican residency visa

The Tougher, More Expensive Mexican Residency Visa

Looking like a criminal, but feeling like a legal Mexican. If you go look up what you have to do and what it will cost you to become a legal resident of Mexico, you will find the great pros and cons