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Aligator Mothers, a Greek Painting Monk, and Ziplining on the Edge of Danger

The November ’14 issue of Perceptive Travel is out, with some of the best travel stories on the planet from book authors on the move. This month we’ve got tales from Louisiana, Greece, and Southeast Asia. Judith Fein goes traveling in
Athens apartment

Europe on the Cheap(er) – Athens, Greece

Most of Western Europe is tough to pull off as a budget traveler and despite the economic crisis, Athens is still not a bargain on the level of Sofia or Budapest.  If you plan it right and take your time, however,

Where the Deals Are at the Tail End of Summer

A few weeks ago I took part in this article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance titled 4 Sweet Deals for Last-minute summer travel. I like this story because it emphasizes the contrarian traveler approach of taking advantage of an advantageous situation—one that