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Tanzania with a Hustler, Healing Through Travel, and a Pilgrim’s Walk in France

With a strange subject line like that, you know it’s time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine, home to some of the best stories on the web, written by wandering book authors. In the May issue, we take
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Greek Mysteries, French Beauty, and a Voodoo Priest in Benin

It’s time for the new issue of Perceptive Travel, the best online travel magazine for 10 years running. We’ve got some more great stories from book authors on the move. Award-winning regular contributor James Dorsey goes in search of a famed

Life-changing Croissants, Third World Tailors, and a Night Tour of Cairo

It’s time for the November issue of Perceptive Travel, with more great tales from wandering book authors. Amy Rosen gorges on carbs in Paris in Can a Croissant Change Your Life? Luke Armstrong has to dress up finally while living in