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Why I travel the world

After 25 Years, I Travel Because…

There are lots of reasons people travel and those reasons can change over time. The motivations can also change according to how much time they have, or how much money they have. People who can enjoy slow travel may have very

Are You Using Your Freedom to Travel?

  Have you become a creature of habit, a man of routine, a predictable woman? Do all those travel dreams of yours keep getting pushed further and further back? What if you set a deadline, like you would with a work
Machu Picchu

My Articles and Interviews (While I Finish A Book…)

I’ve got my head down trying to finish up a book called A Better Life for Half the Price,¬†about drastically cutting your expenses about moving abroad. The problem with running your own show though, being an entrepreneur, is that you don’t

International Family Travel on a Budget

By its very nature, family travel is more expensive than a single person or a couple hitting the road. This is especially true if you need to fly, which you pretty much always need to do if you’re leaving your own

Defending Yourself Against Fire Ants and Werewolves

You can encounter all kinds of hazards when you travel—and some in your own home town—so naturally there are books out there to help you get prepared. I’ve been a fan of the Worst-Case Scenario survival handbooks from Joshua Piven since