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Warning: Your Tour Guide May Be Spouting Bulls*%t

“Remember that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where there’s a ship battle in the bay and then later you see Jack jump off a cliff into the water? That was all shot here in this area.” The enthusiastic tour guide

Travel Trouble Spots and Altering Your Plans

As we’ve seen in Turkey this week, a place that’s relatively calm, peaceful, and stable one week can see all hell break loose the next. So how do you decide if you should change your travel plans or just adjust them

Should I stay or should I go now?

“Today is free seating!” the perky Garuda ticket agent said as she handed us our blank boarding pass for the flight from Bangkok to Jakarta. It was easy to see why. As the plane taxied down the runway, it looked to

Egypt’s Revolution, Surrealism in the Jungle, and Smyrna Revisited

It’s time for the July issue of Perceptive Travel, filled as usual with the best travel stories from book authors on the move. This time you’ve got interesting travel tales from North America, plus two countries that are hard to pin

Cheap Travel Facts and Fun for Friday

I’ve worked hard this week. Too hard really. I should have had more fun. So I’m ready to let some other people do the talking. Besides, the closing for my former house in Nashville was this week, so for the first