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Kenai Peninsula Alaska travel story

Lost World in Chiapas, Arranged Marriage in India, and a Strange Honeymoon in Sicily

It’s time for another batch of great travel stories from authors on the move and in May we’re really spinning the globe. Guidebook writer Nick Rider was always in too much of a hurry to investigate places¬† that are still blank

An (un)Organized Travel Tour, Dawn in Tikal, and 200 Protestant Sects in Kenya

Happy 2012. Will the world end this year? Probably not, but we’ve got a review of the Moon Handbook Maya 2012 and a¬†Mundo Maya story about Tikal from the author in the January issue of Perceptive Travel. Known as the home

The March of Progress in San Cristobal de Las Casas

I’m one of those old farts who traveled to Vang Vieng when you could count your fellow arrivals on two hands and when you could get a bungalow right on the beach on Ko Tao or Ko Chang in Thailand for

To Find Real Value Hotels, Sidestep the Big Booking Sites

Some of the best hotel or guesthouse deals I found when I first started traveling were from personal recommendations from other backpackers met on the road and from pure legwork: walking into places and asking the price. I often spend a

Wet Adventure Travel in Chiapas

I wanted some adventure travel in Chiapas, Mexico, and I certainly got it. This part of Mexico is far from tame and I was off the grid for four days, when even my Mexican cellphone didn’t have coverage most of the