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To Really Score Deals on Travel, Go Elsewhere

Do you follow the herd or do you make your own decisions? Don’t be so sure of your answer. We’re all influenced by something, be it an ad we forgot about, a story we read, or a friend’s photos we saw.

Budget Travel Economics 101: Monopolies Are Bad News

I did a post a while back on how I’m living a significantly cheaper life in Mexico than I did in a relatively inexpensive city in the U.S.  But some things cost more—a lot more. You will notice this phenomenon in

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I’m phoning it in today on this blog as I prepare to bus it to Guadalajara for a magazine assignment, then bus it over to Puerto Vallarta for some fun and sun—and then some work. But that’s okay, because Mexican buses
Indian meal

The Cheapest Places to Travel – India

Anyone who has been on a trip around the world is then plagued by the question, “Which was your favorite place?” Since I put out a book on the cheapest places to travel in the world I often get a parallel

Different Takes on the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

As someone who has a book out called The World’s Cheapest Destinations, I am naturally rather opinionated about which places give travelers the best bang for their budget. The problem with roundups and lists of any kind though is that things