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Travel Prices in India

Today’s guest post is from a book author who has written for me on several occasions in Perceptive Travel. See the link at the end for the book and blog from Jim Johnston, but he’s just back from India and is

Most Popular Bargain Travel Posts of the Year

This is probably the last post of the year as I turn off all the blinking distractions and give the chattering a rest. Time to let my eyes focus on the loved ones around me for a week instead of glowing

A Good Time to Visit India

[Editor’s note – Since this post went up years ago, the Indian rupee has continued to climb. As of late 2016 the U.S. dollar fetched more than 65 rupees.] If you had India on your short list or you’re planning how

Buy 1 Book, Get 1 Free

THIS OFFER HAS ENDED – only leaving the post up because it’s indexed in search. One year from now there will be a new 4th edition of my popular book The World’s Cheapest Destinations. Soon I’ll start the research process on

To Really Score Deals on Travel, Go Elsewhere

Do you follow the herd or do you make your own decisions? Don’t be so sure of your answer. We’re all influenced by something, be it an ad we forgot about, a story we read, or a friend’s photos we saw.