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Travel Prices in Slovakia

Despite using the euro, Slovakia is a good enough value that it’s taking another country’s place for the Europe section of the next edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. I used to think that the Czech Republic and Slovakia split up

A Little Taste of Transylvania

I’m making my way through the cheaper countries of Europe right now, finding good values all over compared to their neighbors to the west. Next stop, Romania.  I spent most of my time in Transylvania, which I’ll discuss without mentioning any

A Round-up of the Most Popular Cheap Travel Posts

I’m getting ready to hop on a plane to Eastern Europe, where I’ll soon be reporting on cheap travel in four countries there. I’ll be doing some stories for Perceptive Travel and writing chapters for the next edition of The World’s

Most Popular Bargain Travel Posts of the Year

This is probably the last post of the year as I turn off all the blinking distractions and give the chattering a rest. Time to let my eyes focus on the loved ones around me for a week instead of glowing

The Cheapest Places to Live, Part 2

[Editor’s note: This post is OLD! Don’t treat it as current gospel and ask why prices have gone up. For a newer version, put “cheapest places to live” in that search box to your right.] In an earlier entry, I waxed