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The Best E-mail Auto-response Ever

I’m hanging out with lots of great writers and editors right now at the North American Travel Journalists conference. One of the attendees with the best sense of humor is Spud Hilton, who runs the travel section of the San Francisco

Stuck at Home? Go Exploring There

It’s about to be a holiday weekend in the USA, which means taking a 3- or 4-day vacation, or being bummed that you’re stuck at home while everyone else is on vacation. Just because you’re in your own city, however, doesn’t

Travel Perks & Deals Most People Don’t Know About

I get asked for travel advice a lot: from friends, from readers, from random strangers at cocktail parties. That’s okay. I enjoy helping out. Most of the questions are the same: the cheapest places to travel, how to save on airfare,

Wine Districts by Bicycle in the USA

If you happen to be near a good U.S. newsstand, pick up a copy of the always-excellent Imbibe magazine. In this month’s issue you’ll see an intriguing story title on the cover: Wine Country Bike Tours. Hmmmm, sounds fun, right? Well,

Gay Disney, Herby Ohio, and Mysterious Bhutan

A new round of Perceptive Travel stories is live for your enjoyment. Sometimes that means tales from obscure places, sometimes it means well-known locations from a different angle. In the latter category falls the Going-to-be-wonderful World of Disney, from Gillian Kendall.