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Search Multiple Booking Sites at Once for Hotel Deals

Do you typically go to one or two sites to check hotel prices before booking? Do you change those sites depending on the region? Even if you do, you’re probably paying too much. One of the companies I’ve partnered up with

Riding the Children’s Train in the Hills of Budapest

Most travelers don’t see much of the Buda side of Budapest when they visit Hungary’s capital. Few make it any further than the Fisherman’s Bastion and maybe Buda Castle. It’s understandable as most of the bars, restaurants, and hotels are on

2012 Will Go Down as a Great Summer for Travelers

It’s not hard to hear a lot of gloom and doom in the news these days, but if you’re a traveler, this is shaping up to be one of the best summer vacation seasons in a long time. Good news for

Travel Prices in Budapest, Hungary

In my recent jaunt through the countries that are the best value in Europe, I spent the last of it in one of my favorite cities: Budapest. Last time I was there I was using it as a base to explore

6 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

Even most experienced travelers don’t know much about Bulgaria, even though it’s one of the best—if not the best—values in Europe. It’s also got far more green space than most of the other more crowded EU countries. This was the third