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How to Avoid the Biggest Hassle in India: Scammers

Unless you’re spending a fortune (and sometimes even then), traveling around India can be extremely trying. It has been many years since I experienced the madness first-hand, so I’m planning a trip back there in the second half of this year.
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Regional E-books for The World’s Cheapest Destinations

     Are you going on a long trip that’s just to Central and South America? Traveling to Asia only for a few months? Want to know details just on the cheapest places to travel in Europe? No, you’re not seeing triple

A Good Time to Visit India

[Editor’s note – Since this post went up years ago, the Indian rupee has continued to climb. As of late 2016 the U.S. dollar fetched more than 65 rupees.] If you had India on your short list or you’re planning how
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6 Places to Live for Super-cheap

This blog is all about traveling better for less and getting the most out of your money by living abroad. So I’m happy to run the following guest post is from John Linnemeier, author of How an Average Man Lived an

8 Signs That You’re a Too-Cheap Traveler

I get asked a lot of the same questions from the media, but I liked one particular question in this interview that went up last week on a budget travel site: Does the average backpacker slumming it in the hostel have