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Tips from an Older (and Hopefully Wiser) Traveler

When I was 22, I thought for sure I knew everything. Then I got a real job, went traveling, got married, and had a child. It turns out I had a lot to learn still. Here’s a bit of what I’ve

Where You Should Check to Get a Great Rental Car Deal

When you need to reserve a rental car, where do you check? Do you just pull up your favorite booking app on your phone and go? Or return to the company you usually rent from because you’ll get loyalty points? Well

The Complicated Matter of Estimating Your Travel Expenses

In The World’s Cheapest Destinations book I break down a lot of typical expenses in different countries for recurring items like lodging, food, drinks, and ground transportation. I then provide some rather wide ranges of what it’ll probably cost you on

Why Should You Listen to My Budget Travel Advice?

I’ve gotten a few dozen new blog subscribers in the past couple weeks (it’s up to around 1,000 in case you care) and I’ve gotten a dozen interview and guest post requests for other outlets. Those two things are probably related,