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A Rundown on Mexican Budget Airlines

Editor’s note – This post is still mostly valid, but for a newer update, see this comprehensive Mexican airlines article. After a few years of turmoil and two airlines going down the tubes, Mexico’s airline industry seems to be settling down and

More Budget Flights Coming to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia already boasts a good number of options for getting from place to place by air on the cheap, but more are on the way. According to this article in The Independent, two existing legacy carriers are going to beef

Indonesia’s Airline Battle Good for Travelers

A report out yesterday in the Wall Street Journal focuses on the big airline travel escalation going on in Indonesia, which is good news for travelers for at least the next few years. Getting around the islands of Indonesia is a

Airline Fees in Europe

SmarterTravel has published a series of great tables to help passengers figure out how much they’ll get reamed by various airlines in extra fees and frequent flyer fees to redeem “free” tickets. Now they’ve got a guide to airline fees in