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czech beer is a bargain

Good Beer at Bargain Prices in the Czech Republic

There are plenty of places around the world where you can buy cheap-tasting beer for cheap, but if you want to drink well without spending lots of dollars or euros, head straight to the Czech Republic. There you’ll be in sudsy
craft beer in cans

99 Cans of Craft Beer on the Wall

If you live or travel in the USA, you’ll notice there’s a lot of really great beer in cans now. A lot of those cans haveĀ  great artwork too. For most of beer’s history, this was not true. You bought good
biking on the Katy Trail of Missouri

Beer and Biking on the Katy Trail

I just wrapped up my journey biking down the Katy Trail in Missouri, a converted rail line that is the longest (and in some ways the easiest) of its type. It goes most of the way across the state, but I