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Expedia gobbling up rivals

The Illusion of Choice When You Book Travel in Advance

When you set out on a trip around the world in 2015, it’s 10 times easier than it was to set out on one in 1995. (See 21 things travelers couldn’t do 21 years ago.) You have access to reams of
Flight searches

Tools and Tricks I Use to Save Money on My Travels

I get asked a lot about how to save money on travel and while I can guide people to one of my books or this cheap travel blog, I don’t really have one easy-to-skim post on it though. So here are

What’s That Trinket Worth to YOU?

My Travelers’ Tales book, Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, is finally on the fast track to come out as a Kindle book this year. I came across this excerpt below as I was skimming through it checking for errors