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Lake Batur Spa in Bali

Living in Bali – Costs and Best Places for Expats

The last time I visited Bali was so long ago that it was getting less than 1/10 the amount of visitors it does now. The Indonesian island has become a digital nomad hotspot though, a prime choice for many who want
the magic drawing expats to Bali

How to Do Bali on the Cheap

Bali has long been a fixture on the Southeast Asia backpacker tour, but it has gotten exponentially more popular since I first landed on the island in the mid-1990s—and prices have risen with the crowds. To give us the scoop on

Growing Pains in Bali, Indonesia

I wrote recently about how hard it is to stop the march of progress in a previously sedate traveler’s haunt—and the fact that you have to see it through the locals’ eyes. Our spoiled paradise is often their land of burgeoning

Pig Roast in Bali, Simple Life in Morocco, and Mardi Gras in Vermont

It’s time for the March ’10 issue of Perceptive Travel, where we bop around three continents, groove on some new world music, and talk about some travel books worth reading. (Or not.) The multi-talented Zora O’Neill—who is the only person I