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Allegiant Air no baggage fees

A Weekend With No Baggage Fees on Allegiant Air

* There’s a newer, more updated version of this post: See Flying on Allegiant Air Without Baggage Fees, Take 2. One travel perk of moving to Tampa for a couple years has been a big improvement in flight options. Besides having
Sea tp Summit packable duffle bag

Off to Nicaragua with an Under-seat Bag

After three weeks across the Atlantic and some office time back at home, I’m off to Latin America again to check out Nicaragua. I wanted to travel down to Nicaragua in the cheapest way possible, which meant a flight on Spirit

How Much It’ll Cost You for Taking More Bags

Ever since the airlines got addicted to baggage fees—and ones like Spirit Air made it their primary revenue source—most of the rest have piled on in tandem. Still, some are worse than others, both for domestic flights and international ones. If

Smart Packing for the Holidays

It’s about to be that time of year again, when planes are jammed, tempers are flaring, and we’re supposed to deliver gifts while full of cheer. Of course it’s hard to be cheerful when you’re paying $25 to $75 to check