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Why You Should Update Your Travel Gear Now

If all the luggage and apparel in your closet is six, eight, ten years old or more, it’s ancient. It’s time to update your travel gear. I’m all for using things until they completely wear out, but the leaps forward in
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Luggage Restrictions, Bag Sizes, and Overpacking

Carry-on bags have been in the news a lot lately. It started with United cracking down and making passengers fit their suitcases into those little bag sizers at the gate. Then the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel editor started a #CarryOnShame campaign
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The Best Backpacks for Long-term Travelers

  This post on the best backpacks for long-term travelers was last updated in July 2018. Recently I’ve been checking out new travel gear at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Utah, seeing what’s on the way from all the top

How to Be an Idiotic Backpacker

If you’re getting ready for an extended trip around the world, why follow the advice of all those seasoned travelers who have done it already? Ignore those dolts blogging from the road for years and those know-nothings on the message boards

Buying the Right Outdoor Gear and Apparel

I just returned to the U.S. for a week and spent the whole time checking out travel gear, luggage, and outdoor apparel. I got to hit the Rocky Mountain slopes one day, trying out new ski equipment. Then there were three