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Offbeat Ways to Get Ready for Extended Travel

You’ve saved up, planned an itinerary, and you’re ready to take off on a round-the-world journey or months of backpacking. Great! Are you really ready though for life on the road? Most people I’ve met who are backpacking around the world
encountering noise at night in your travels

Cheap International Travel Means Coping With Noise

How well do you deal with noise? If you are about to go backpacking around the world, you had better get good at tuning out cacophony. Or you had better pack a monster bag of earplugs. Get ready to hear night
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My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: ExOfficio

When I ran Practical Travel Gear for six years (and a few years before that alone on Blogspot), one of the brands I kept coming back to again and again was ExOfficio. They almost never disappointed me and despite me packing
World's Cheapest Destinations

Price Resources for the Cheapest Travel Destinations

Where are the cheapest places to travel in the world? And how does City A compare to City B? How well does perception match reality? Every few years I put out a new edition of the book you see to the

With BootsnAll’s Indie, Search Round-the-World Flight Prices Without a Phone Call

Have you ever tried to price out and buy a series of flights to take you around the world? If you have, you probably don’t want to repeat the experience. Despite the expectation (fair or not) that we should be able