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What Your Colleagues and Relatives Think? Screw That.

How much do you care what other people think? Have you postponed traveling for more than a short vacation period because some friends or relatives might think you’re nuts? Or irresponsible? Or adrift with no career plan? I’ve never been one
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Quit Your Job, See the World

It’s Labor Day in America, a time to celebrate the working man by…not working for a day. Unless you work in retail or fast food, in which case it’s like any other day. But what if you’d like to make every

Lessons Learned After a Trip Around the World

Here’s a good post from last month on 8 Mistakes to learn from my round-the-world trip, by a writer at BootsnAll. Some I agree with more than others. More on that in a minute. But there are a few things in

World’s Cheapest Destinations on the iPad

Before you could get The World’s Cheapest Destinations as a PDF e-book, a paperback, or a null, but wait—there’s more! If you’re an early adopter that just had to have an iPad out of the gate, well now you can read

Three Options for Flying Around the World

Taking a trip around the world is a big undertaking and one of the biggest chunks of the budget is going to go toward airfare. One way or another, you’ve got to at least get across the oceans before you can