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There are Usually No Shortcuts

For most things in life worth having or doing, it takes work to get there. As I settle down back in the U.S., plowing through a ton of money to get the tools of living in this culture again (cars, cell
street food dining helps the local economy

Things that Help the Locals (and Things that Hurt)

We can talk all day about carbon credits, voluntourism, and eco-hotels, but it’s the little decisions you make day after day, for months or years of travel, that really make a difference. If you care enough to learn how to reduce

Cut Your Round-the-World Travel Budget by 75 Percent

[This contest is over – sorry! Congrats to Lea of Chicago who is taking her father on a trip around the world.] No, that’s not a typo. You will be able to travel around the world on a fraction of what

How to Be an Idiotic Backpacker

If you’re getting ready for an extended trip around the world, why follow the advice of all those seasoned travelers who have done it already? Ignore those dolts blogging from the road for years and those know-nothings on the message boards

The Complicated Matter of Estimating Your Travel Expenses

In The World’s Cheapest Destinations book I break down a lot of typical expenses in different countries for recurring items like lodging, food, drinks, and ground transportation. I then provide some rather wide ranges of what it’ll probably cost you on