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The Cheapest Round-the-World Plane Tickets

Want to fly around the world, but you don’t want to wing it as you go? With a round-the world ticket (or around the world ticket if you’re covering all the bases when Googling), you can set up your main airport

Are You Making Good Memories, or Just Marking Time?

There are plenty of naval-gazing travel blogs out there and from the start of this one in 2003, I’ve tried to be more useful than that. This is primarily a blog about how to travel well for less, how to get

Wisdom Gained From Traveling Around the World

Gary Arndt of the the Everything-Everywhere blog put up a nice post recently called All I really need to know I learned from traveling around the world. It’s a play on the bestselling book about the wisdom gained in kindergarten, with

Choose a Better Reality

The practice of taking off and traveling around the world is more accepted now in the U.S. than it was when I first circled the globe in the early 1990s, but it’s still an odd notion for most friends and relatives.

8 Things NOT to Put in Your Craigslist Ad

For the frugal person, Craigslist is a godsend, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on stuff you need—but don’t need new. It can even help you find an apartment or items to get your new home set up when