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moving out of the USA

Sabbaticals, Career Breaks, and Saying Adios for Years

  “What are you doing down there?” is the first question I get about living in Mexico. (Half the time followed by “Is it safe?”) “Same thing I was doing in the other places I lived,” is my stock answer. I
budget Galapagos tough

You Can’t Do Everything on the Cheap

A bit over a year ago I wrote this post on building splurge money into your shoestring travel budget. Sometimes you have to throw that $40 a day budget out the window. While I’m a big advocate for going to cheap
World's Cheapest Destinations

Price Resources for the Cheapest Travel Destinations

Where are the cheapest places to travel in the world? And how does City A compare to City B? How well does perception match reality? Every few years I put out a new edition of the book you see to the

How Much Will it Cost Me to Travel in (Fill in the Blank)?

Once upon a time I went backpacking around the world for the first time, some 20 years ago, and it was really hard to put that itinerary together. Not because of fights between the two of us on where we should
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Tips from an Older (and Hopefully Wiser) Traveler

When I was 22, I thought for sure I knew everything. Then I got a real job, went traveling, got married, and had a child. It turns out I had a lot to learn still. Here’s a bit of what I’ve