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don't fly the legacy USA airlines

For a Better Flight Experience, Avoid the Deceptive U.S. Legacy Airlines

If you fly to Panama on American Airlines, you will not pay to check a bag on your economy class international flight. If you fly to Costa Rica you will. Flying to South America with a checked bag does not incur
Allegiant Air no baggage fees

Flying on Allegiant Air Without Baggage Fees, Take 2

I just took a flight for a long weekend on Allegiant Air and managed to do it without paying any baggage fees. Anyone who has flown this bare-bones airline knows that is not an easy task. The only luggage you can
flight route map Interjet airline Mexico

The Best Mexican Airlines for Budget Travel

Can you name more than one or two Mexican airlines? It turns out there are a whole bunch of them and if you’re looking for cheap flights to Mexico, you may be better off with an airline from there rather than
Best airlines USA

The Best U.S. Airlines (They’re Not the Big 3)

Travel + Leisure just published its annual “best of” issue with the results of its readers’ poll. When it comes to airlines, U.S. travelers would prefer to avoid the big 3. This readers’ poll is fraught with fundamental problems of course.
hotel chain elite status

How to Buy Your Way into VIP Travel Status

Some people aren’t so stressed when they head to the airport for their next trip because they have VIP travel status. Then there’s everyone else… Are you always in the last group to board the plane, stuck in a middle seat,