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Opening Burma, the Maasai Warrior Scholar, and Locked Down in Waikiki

Travel can be unpredictable. Sometimes that’s half the fun, sometimes it can mean big problems. This month’s issue looks at perceptions and impermanence in three destinations. Michael Buckley is back with a timely story on a travel destination that may finally

This is SO Wrong: Stupid Travel Ads

In the big scheme of things to complain about, I’ll admit that dumb and annoying travel advertisements don’t rank very high on the scale. But after looking at these two ads for months across multiple publications, I’ve realized that they represent

An (un)Organized Travel Tour, Dawn in Tikal, and 200 Protestant Sects in Kenya

Happy 2012. Will the world end this year? Probably not, but we’ve got a review of the Moon Handbook Maya 2012 and a┬áMundo Maya story about Tikal from the author in the January issue of Perceptive Travel. Known as the home