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I Went on This Kick-Ass Adventure and Posted Photos to Make You Jealous

In two days I rafted through a canyon, jumped off six waterfalls, rappelled down a cliff, and intentionally swam right up to a place where several tons of water a second was cascading down. I did all this in a place
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You Can’t Do Everything on the Cheap

A bit over a year ago I wrote this post on building splurge money into your shoestring travel budget. Sometimes you have to throw that $40 a day budget out the window. While I’m a big advocate for going to cheap

Photo Capitalism, City Girl Meets Nature, and Big Fish Gone Missing

The summer is coming to an unofficial end and it’s time for the September 2013 issue of Perceptive Travel. As usual we’ve got some of the best travel stories from book authors on the move. This month coming to you from
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Adventure Travel, One Country Over

White water rafting, rappeling into canyons, ripping across desert dunes in ATVs, mountain biking, kayaking across pristine lakes, hiking behind waterfalls…in Mexico? When most people think of the country just south of the USA, they picture beaches, snorkeling, whale watching, and
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Can Watersports Gear Be Travel-worthy?

If you enjoy getting out on the water on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, can you really do either if you’re not by the water? If you don’t have a huge SUV with a luggage rack? I’m posting this from the