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How NOT to Do a Round-the-World Journey

Once upon a time my wife got a batch of free magazine subscriptions in some promotion and we ended up with Travel Holiday. It was an especially awful travel magazine, one where you couldn’t tell where the ads stopped and the

The Packing Truths

Packing Tips for the Long-term Traveler Aaarrrgghh–I can’t decide what to pack! This sentiment almost always comes up the first time anyone prepares for a long journey abroad. After all, if you’re used to one-week vacations, you’re used to packing an

Coping with Around-the-World Analysis Paralysis

It’s a common chain of events. Someone starts thinking about taking an around-the-world trip. They’ve got most of the money saved. They’re tying up their affairs at home. They’re dreaming of far-off lands. Then they start looking at all the choices

Why Travel Around the World?

I was going to write about the relatively good deals in Argentina these days, but that can wait a week. The other night, while skimming through the “Travelling Around the World” message board at Lonely Planet’s site, I was struck by

Take Our Airlines…Please!

Take Our Airlines…Please! I’m a pretty devout capitalist, but sometimes there can be such as thing as redundant competition. Do we really need so many bad airlines in one country as there are in the US? Compare a flight on Singapore