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Mexico – A Travel Deal for All Budgets

OK, I’m off to Mexico for two weeks, so what in the heck is this entry going to be all about? Well, let’s talk about how much I’m spending, and compare that to what this little jaunt would cost a family

Traveling in the US? Bring Lots of Money and a Car

I just got back from a wild and wooly four days in New Orleans, where the wife and I celebrated our anniversary by going to Jazzfest. Yes, we acknowledged our joining in this “sacred institution” by drinking for days on end,

We Want Your Blood! (Unless You’re a Traveler)

I drove across town to my local YMCA last week so I could do something a little selfless for the common good—donating blood. In the past six months I’ve gotten two mailers and two phone calls appealing for donations and heard

How Safe is International Travel?

Want to travel safely? Get the first flight outta town… “We’ve decided not to go to Paris this summer like we’d planned,” my father told me yesterday. “Patty is scared about getting into an airplane, so we’re just going to drive

Getting Around Gets Easier

In the days of the intrepid explorers, getting from point A to point B was a death-defying experience. And you had to be either very wealthy or be financed by royalty. Think how far we’ve come in the past century, just