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Your Credit’s Card’s Travel Tax

How much is your credit card charging you when you purchase something in another country? Take a look at this excellent conversion fee chart from to find out. If you’re not holding the right card, you’re most likely getting socked

Free Miles From Delta and Amex

If you have an American Express card and belong to the Membership Miles program, here’s a chance to get some free miles just by doing a transfer to your Delta Airlines account. Every time you transfer Amex points into miles between

Transatlantic Low-Fare Flights

I spent the weekend slogging through travel magazines stacked under my coffee table, flipping past fluff and looking for useful articles. There’s a good one that has made it online from National Geographic Traveler, “Transatlantic Low-Fare Jets.” It runs down the

Eating Street Food Safely

When it comes to eating abroad, I’ve always thought there was a comfy middle ground between the anti-bacterial fanatics and the types who will gladly down anything that’s in front of them. Yes, it pays to be prudent sometimes, especially when

TRAVEL Reality Shows Suck Too

Here’s a news flash: reality TV shows are really fake. Even when they’re travel shows. A post at HotelChatter discusses the revelation that the Discovery Channel show “Man Vs. Wild” is a bunch of hooey. “In the end kids, remember–never trust