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Volunteer Teaching Opportunity in Spain

There are a lot of volunteer or “voluntourism” opportunities out there that will actually cost you a buttload of money for the privelege of giving your time and effort. In other cases, you just have to get yourself there and then

You can stop pretending you’re Canadian now…

At the Oscars Jon Stewart said, “If we elect a black president, how will we know it’s the future in a movie?” The future is here. Big global hug. Lets put on our sunglasses and stumble back into the light.

50 Sustainable Travel Tips

I’ve written before in Transitions Abroad on easy ways to lessen your environmental impact when you travel. With all the hype about offsetting airplane carbon emissions and eco-friendly travel gear, it’s easy to ignore the ongoing issues that require a slight

Slash and Burn Tourism

I once had a brilliant idea about doing a serious book about travel called Slash and Burn Tourism. The pitch was, like the traditional but destructive tradition of slash and burn agriculture, there are many destinations in the world that used

World Traveler? Forget the Bloodmobile

It’s not just gay heroin addicts from Gabon who get shown the door at the bloodmobile. If you are a world traveler, your blood is probably not wanted, at least by the American Red Cross anyway. My latest Tripso column was