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Sorry, But Conservation Costs Money

Maybe it’s not fair, but some some places have to be budget-busters for shoestring travelers. A new article of mine is up on Transitions Abroad – Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos. It’s about all the behind-the-scenes efforts that a lot

Travel Advice Worth Reading (Montezuma’s Revenge edition)

It took until the end of week six of my move to Mexico before it happened, but whatever hit me is making up for lost time. Fever, aches, and all the bathroom byproducts that come with it. The annoying thing is,

Avoiding the Crush at Ankor Wat Takes Time and Effort

My one big huge regret from my three backpacking trips around the world is that I didn’t make it to Ankor Wat. Every time I was in nearby Thailand or Vietnam, there was some kind of unrest going on in Cambodia,

World Traveler? Forget Donating Blood

Over the years I’ve written a few articles about how it gets tougher each year for a traveler to be a good humanitarian and donate blood. In 2004 I complained that the Red Cross was saying We want your blood (unless

Thai Voluntourism, Bamboo Bridge Crossings, and the Obama Grocery Store

Yes, it’s time for the May issue of Perceptive Travel, with more great travel stories from book authors on the move. Plus reviews of travel books and world music. We welcome two new writers this issue. Bangladesh guidebook author Mikey Leung