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Which Airline Fees Do You Want to Know Up Front?

The airlines have continually pushed back hard and spent untold millions on lobbying efforts trying to keep their pure profit fees out of the mix when you are comparing flight prices. The Consumer Travel Alliance is trying to be the David
street food dining helps the local economy

Things that Help the Locals (and Things that Hurt)

We can talk all day about carbon credits, voluntourism, and eco-hotels, but it’s the little decisions you make day after day, for months or years of travel, that really make a difference. If you care enough to learn how to reduce

What’s That Trinket Worth to YOU?

My Travelers’ Tales book, Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, is finally on the fast track to come out as a Kindle book this year. I came across this excerpt below as I was skimming through it checking for errors

At Post #997, This Blog Rocks

This Cheapest Destinations Blog was cranking before most of the ten bazillion travel blogs out there now were even conceived, so I’m proud to report that it just won a Silver award for Best Independent Blog from NATJA. That stands for

What Your Colleagues and Relatives Think? Screw That.

How much do you care what other people think? Have you postponed traveling for more than a short vacation period because some friends or relatives might think you’re nuts? Or irresponsible? Or adrift with no career plan? I’ve never been one