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Let us give thanks for…

The ability to fly most anywhere on the globe for less than a month’s rent in a big city. The ability to carry a piece of plastic that works like money around the world, for an emergency or just to have

The March of Progress in San Cristobal de Las Casas

I’m one of those old farts who traveled to Vang Vieng when you could count your fellow arrivals on two hands and when you could get a bungalow right on the beach on Ko Tao or Ko Chang in Thailand for

This is SO Wrong – Greenwashing Your Food

I’m far from perfect when it comes to protecting our planet. I fly a lot, for one thing. And I relish things like air conditioning and a long hot shower. I didn’t lay out enough money to buy a hybrid car.

This is SO Wrong – the Water Bottle Ad

This in-room ad from Evian is a common one in chain hotels. Some supply a couple of plastic water bottles for free, even when the tap water is fine. Others charge you for it. Some do both, which was the case

Notes from the Nightstand: Books to Consider

I’d be a pretty lame writer if I didn’t read a lot, so I try to read real books regularly. Here are a few I’ve checked out lately that are worth a look. ¬†One travel book, one travel e-book, and one