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Happiness of Pursuit book

Is There a Quest in Your Future?

Or maybe there’s a better question to decide whether The Happiness of Pursuit will resonate with you. Are you a compulsive person? This is the latest book from Chris Guillebeau, the author of The Art of Non-Conformity and The $100 Start-up.

A Hidden Lake, A Day of Mine Sweeping, and Rural Portugal by Bike

It’s July already and time for the new issue of Perceptive Travel webzine, bringing you three new feature stories from three continents plus ┬ásome interesting new books and music collections. First up, how do you hide a giant lake? Let a
preserving privacy

9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Whole Life From Being Tracked

When it comes to privacy, we’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves for the lack of it. Should we really be surprised that the government has tapped into the wealth of data Google, Facebook, and our mobile phone companies have on
retirement travel book

A Travel Guide for Your Not So Well-traveled Parents

If you know someone about to hit retirement age, like your parents maybe, here’s a good travel book for them that has a chapter from yours truly. 65 Things to Do When You Retire – Travel is a collection of essays

Rolling with the Stones, Howler Monkeys on Live Wires, and Reluctantly Secret Slovakia

The February issue of Perceptive Travel is out, with more of the best travel stories from book authors on the move. Once again it’s fair to say “best travel stories” because for the third year in a row, the publication I