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Carbon Offsets are a Joke

I have been doing a lot of traveling the past two months and therefore a lot of catching up on stacks of magazines. It seems that everybody and their brother has felt a need to do a “green issue” lately (or

Old Bikes Reborn in Guatemala

After a weekend of going through papers to clear some room on my desk, I found this cool article in Plenty magazine: From the Junkyard to the Kitchen. It’s about an organization in Chicago called Working Bikes. They take bikes that

Get Ready for a New Catch Phrase – Geotourism

What do you call it when people stay in locally owned guesthouses, spend money in local restaurants, and get beyond the basic tour bus sites? Most of us who have been around a bit would just call that “traveling,” but get

People Doing Good: Heifer International

I tend to be more than a little cynical about charities and aid organizations, partly because so much of what they do doesn’t solve the fundamental problems of a poor country. The aid just keeps people poor and dependent. Heifer International