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Coping with Around-the-World Analysis Paralysis

It’s a common chain of events. Someone starts thinking about taking an around-the-world trip. They’ve got most of the money saved. They’re tying up their affairs at home. They’re dreaming of far-off lands. Then they start looking at all the choices

Why Travel Around the World?

I was going to write about the relatively good deals in Argentina these days, but that can wait a week. The other night, while skimming through the “Travelling Around the World” message board at Lonely Planet’s site, I was struck by

Home Exchanges and Crashpads

Need a place to crash? Well, you don’t need to have dozens of friends scattered around the world to find a place to rest your head. If you own a home, you can exchange your house for a week, a month,

Round-the-world Airline Tickets

Editor’s note – This post is really old. For more current articles, click here for the round-the-world tag. I just received an e-mail from someone who had bought my book. He wanted some advice on tickets saying, “I’ve been informed from

What’s REALLY Risky in Your Life?

The results of a new global risk perception survey show that what people think is a risk and what is really a risk–statistically–are two very different things. This survey was conducted by a huge global PR firm that has very little