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A Home Abroad vs. A Home at Home

Many long-term travelers daydream about not just passing through the places they go, but actually picking one and moving there. Their friends and relatives might tell them it’s risky, but is it really more risky than buying something in our current

The Cheapest Places to Live, Part 2

[Editor’s note: This post is OLD! Don’t treat it as current gospel and ask why prices have gone up. For a newer version, put “cheapest places to live” in that search box to your right.] In an earlier entry, I waxed

What Do You Learn When You Go Abroad?

Besides the fun, the thrills, and the experience of the new, is there a true high-brow reason to spend an extended time away from the home country? Do you really become intelligent, or more aware, or more well-rounded by traveling the

When You Travel, Go Learn Something!

(Note, the following appears in my regular budget travel column in Transitions Abroad magazine.) College graduates who have traveled for extended times will tell you they learned far more on the road than they ever did at the university. Politics, history,

Vacation Time Around the World

I just spent five hours on a Saturday finishing up a ghostwriting project, after working a good 50 hours already this week. But I didn’t do this so I could squeak out the car payment on a new BMW or add