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Winging it in Zihuatanejo

A while back I wrote a column for Tripso about how I was taking my family on vacation in Mexico without having any hotel reservations. Some readers reacted like I was ready to be put into a padded room for having

Family Travel in Guatemala

I wrote a piece for GoNomad on my family trip to Guatemala this past June and you can find it here: Pyramids to Panajachel: A Family Vacation in Guatemala. As I noted in the article, Guatemala is probably not the first

Eating Street Food Safely

When it comes to eating abroad, I’ve always thought there was a comfy middle ground between the anti-bacterial fanatics and the types who will gladly down anything that’s in front of them. Yes, it pays to be prudent sometimes, especially when

What $60 Gets You in Guatemala

As I mentioned before, I was just in Guatemala on a vacation with family budget, rather than a long-term backpacker budget. You can obviously buy a whole other level of comfort when that’s the case. I was still pleasantly surprised though