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Search for the Screaming Bargains

If you want to really stretch your travel budget, you need to uncover the local “screaming bargains” for each location. When you are traveling to a foreign place, it is sometimes hard to get your bearings and you end up spending

Is Nepal Too Dangerous?

Is one of the most beautiful places on earth getting too dicey for travelers? A few weeks ago I was interviewed by an Italian travel magazine on where to find the best international travel bargains. In an interesting juxtoposition of questions,

Why Package Resorts are as real as “Reality TV”

I just returned from a two-week trip to the Yucatan region of Mexico, with time in Merida, Uxmal, and the Gulf coast around Progreso. But then we spent the last three nights in one of those all-inclusive vacation factories in Cancun.

How Safe is International Travel?

Want to travel safely? Get the first flight outta town… “We’ve decided not to go to Paris this summer like we’d planned,” my father told me yesterday. “Patty is scared about getting into an airplane, so we’re just going to drive

Cut-rate Luxury Living

If you want to live like royalty on a pauper’s budget, you need to change your address. “I’ve never been a budget traveler and I’ve never paid top dollar,” ┬ámy friend Steve said to me last week while we sipped a