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The Downside of Hostels

One of the great things about traveling in cheap countries is you usually don’t have to sleep in hostels. You can still get that community feeling in the hangout area of the guesthouse, but you can close the door to your

Finding a Cheap Hotel in Europe

In Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, I recommend digging around to find the hotels most people don’t know about. The funky local places with lots of character. Even if money is no object, you’ll usually have a more interesting

A Travel Brand is a Powerful Thing

It’s time for a quiz. Quickly, name the first two or three Caribbean islands that pop into your head. Name a South Pacific island with nice beaches. Name a city worth visiting in Europe. For the last category, Vienna or Salzburg

Getting Around Gets Easier

In the days of the intrepid explorers, getting from point A to point B was a death-defying experience. And you had to be either very wealthy or be financed by royalty. Think how far we’ve come in the past century, just