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Wine Country Biking and Cheap Beer

If you happen to be near a newsstand this month, pick up a copy of the great drinks magazine Imbibe. I’ve got an essay on the last page about biking around the wine country of the Czech Republic. The story is

Prices in Panama

I’ll admit that I spent a limited amount of time on land in Panama on this recent trip, but I did keep my eyes open and jot down some key prices for important things, like rum and beer. Here’s a Panama
cheapest places to live in Europe Czech

Wine and Cycling in the Czech Republic

Because of some concerted efforts from groups like the Czech Greenways Travel Club, seeing Moravia from the back of a bicycle is a breeze. Hundreds of kilometers of roads and trails connect cities and villages around the Czech Republic, with most

Drinks in Peru Revisited

A while back I reported that I had a story in Imbibe Magazine that you couldn’t get online. Well, now that they’re on to a new issue, at the moment you can: On the Pisco Trail in Peru. There is a

Useful Slovakia Travel Websites

This entry is number two in a series of useful travel websites for specific countries. It’s not always easy to separate the great from the useless at first glance, so I’m trying to filter out the former for you. This week’s