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biking on the Katy Trail of Missouri

Beer and Biking on the Katy Trail

I just wrapped up my journey biking down the Katy Trail in Missouri, a converted rail line that is the longest (and in some ways the easiest) of its type. It goes most of the way across the state, but I

On to Important Things – Like Mexican Beer

I’ve been writing for Transitions Abroad for around 16 years or so, with articles on some weighty subjects now and then. This is not one of those articles. Click on over for The Cerveza Report: a Complete Rundown on Mexican Beer.

The Power of Pricing in Your Travels

There are three main variables that influence the cost of your vacation or travels, but the biggest one is where you go. I am pondering that right now as I travel through Iceland. This is a wonderful, magical place, but be

Kansas City Energy

Most of last week I was hanging out in Kansas City for a travel media conference. You don’t have to go to the glitzy famous destinations to have a great time and as on past visits K.C. came through as a

Cheap Destinations Looking Better for Study Abroad

It’s not just travelers impacted by a puffed up European currency. This Wall Street Journal article, Weak Dollar Crimps Study Abroad, says the traditional European study abroad programs are taking a big nosedive. They’re just getting too expensive to justify. Many