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Missing/Not Missing the USA

I left the U.S. on June 30 and became an expatriate in central Mexico. I’m returning this week for a conference in Arizona, staying a total of five nights. I should probably be more excited, but I’m realizing there’s not all

Cheap Travel Facts and Fun for Friday

I’ve worked hard this week. Too hard really. I should have had more fun. So I’m ready to let some other people do the talking. Besides, the closing for my former house in Nashville was this week, so for the first

World Cup of Travel – Netherlands vs. Spain

The final match! It’s all down to this: the final World Cup game this weekend pits the Netherlands against Spain. How do they stack up on the tourism field for budget travelers? Representing Spain is Beebe Bahrami, author of The Spiritual

Montevideo Street Drummers, Crumbling Caribbean, and Biking to Vineyards and Brewpubs

Yes indeed, it’s time for another collection of offbeat stories from book authors on the move in Perceptive Travel. The new issue is out now, with tales from Uruguay, Nicaragua, and Missouri USA. Plus we’ve got round-ups of worthwhile world music

World Cup of Travel: England vs. USA

During the World Cup, we’ll be taking a few key match-ups on the pitch and applying them to the world of travel. Instead of lots of running around with little scoring to show for it, we’re going to pit the two