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Home Exchanges and Crashpads

Need a place to crash? Well, you don’t need to have dozens of friends scattered around the world to find a place to rest your head. If you own a home, you can exchange your house for a week, a month,

Round-the-world Airline Tickets

Editor’s note – This post is really old. For more current articles, click here for the round-the-world tag. I just received an e-mail from someone who had bought my book. He wanted some advice on tickets saying, “I’ve been informed from

Bargain Shopping is In

According to a study by WSL Strategic Retail that was printed in Kiplinger’s, half of all consumers who earned more than 100,000 patronized a dollar store last year. Dollar General opened another 58 new stores last month alone, nearly 300 new

What’s REALLY Risky in Your Life?

The results of a new global risk perception survey show that what people think is a risk and what is really a risk–statistically–are two very different things. This survey was conducted by a huge global PR firm that has very little

A Buyer’s Market in Travel

I mentioned in a previous post that airfares to Latin America have gotten dirt cheap over the past month. But all air routes are hurting for passengers these days, especially ones to Asia. Taking the prize for the most insane airfare