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Overseas Moving Tips in Your Ears

Are you a person who likes to listen to books because you’re on the move a lot? Now you can pick up the revised second edition of A Better Life for Half the Price in audiobook form on or through Amazon. You can get 14 hours of overseas moving tips through your earbuds or headphones while keeping your hands free and your eyes rested. 

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My first book came out at the end of 2002 and many others followed, but the first edition of this moving abroad book was the first one I put out in audiobook form. It sold about 1,350 copies, which seems respectable, so I got that going from the start this time when the new edition was finished and it’s out now.

I didn’t want to be that annoying author who tries to read his own book though, plus it would have delayed the release quite a bit, so no worries: there’s a pro doing the narration. The first edition was read by Larry Wayne, a voice actor/narrator guy who sounds like he has been on NPR for 20 years. I mixed it up this time with a different style and it’s Christopher Lawson I’m sharing royalties with. 

Amazon owns Audible, so these titles are included in the book listings. You can go to the same page where you find the paperback. But click on this link and it’ll take you directly to the audio version.

Better Life for Half the Price Audiobook

It’s also available in the UK. (Great timing for those searching for info on moving abroad after Brexit…) 

And yes, it’s also available at Amazon Canada. Make moving abroad plans now for when borders are open later. 

If listening to books is something you do on a regular basis, you can sign up with Audible on any of those pages or directly here and get this first one for free. After that, you pay monthly for a subscription plan.

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Overseas Moving Tips and Advice From Actual Expats

This moving abroad book is subtitled “How to thrive on less money in the cheapest places to live.” It goes into a lot of depth that you won’t find just by surfing around online until your eyes are blurry. I interviewed more than 80 expatriates who are living abroad and covered 19 countries in depth, so besides being a full-time resident of Mexico myself, I also provide actual living costs from foreigners living in countries from Argentina to Bulgaria to Malaysia. 

Apparently this whole book clocks in at 14 hours. It’ll keep you occupied for a while. You’ll get far more useful and in-depth moving overseas tips in those 14 hours than you could in 100 hours of surfing random articles on the web. Most online courses and two-day seminars aren’t that in-depth, so this is definitely worth your money from a value standpoint.  

Listen to this while you commute to a crappy job while stuck in traffic though, getting stressed over how high your monthly bills are, and it could be the best chunk of time you ever spent avoiding road rage. The only step you’ll need to take after that is figuring out when and how to make the leap. Or dream about a better life with lower costs in the future while you go for your morning run or take a long walk. 

It’s off to a good start. As I write this, it ranks as the #1 New Release in the category “Senior Travel.” Hey, I’ll take a #1 wherever I can get it!

The reviews are just starting to roll in, but you can see the ones customers have left so far at those Amazon pages, plus if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m going to tell you the real deal. In the first edition reviews, some people called this the anti-International Living book. There are plenty of cons to go with all the pros when moving anywhere and I don’t try to paint a rosy picture that life will be pure bliss on $1,300 per month. Moving abroad is not for everyone and it won’t be just like home, so do some soul-searching first. Make sure you understand that living in a place is not like your one-week vacation in the same place.

I implore you to do a trial run first before you take silly House Hunters International emulation trip where you fly to a foreign country and buy a house a week later. You do know that show is completely fake, right? You know some people are actors and others have already lived in the house they’re “looking to buy,” right? It’s a TV show designed to follow a scripted narrative, not a documentary.

Global real estate can be less risky than buying where you are now, but you still need to take your time when house hunting abroad. Savvy expats know that it’s best to rent for a while place to get a real feel for the local market. The only people who can repeatedly get away with not doing that are the wealthy investors with a whole portfolio of real estate in various countries. 

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Text Versions of A Better Life for Half the Price Also Available

If you’re a reader instead of a listening, you can also get the paperback at those links above or get the e-book directly from me. If you want some guidance and more overseas moving tips along the way from people not trying to upsell you into a conference or introduce you to a developer who is kicking back a referral fee, go the the Cheap Living Abroad site here. You can sign up for a premium package that comes with some one-on-one time or a package that gets you into a like-minded club. Or just get the e-book alone plus some bonus materials.

I talked to people in all these locations and I’ve been to every country mentioned in the book except for Georgia. (It was on my travel list for 2020 but…) I’ve lived in three countries and five U.S. states myself and have owned two homes outside the USA. My kid went to scho0l in Mexico for three years and my job is to go to other countries and report on what I find. All that hopefully makes me more trustworthy than some random web pages you land on by the mercy of an algorithm.

If you want to hear what I have to say for a while first though, sign up for the free Living Abroad Insiders newsletter.